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Is it possible to save the world while showering?

In a world where sustainability is becoming an urgent priority, every little action counts. From switching lights off down to recycling, every gesture adds up to preserving our valuable natural resources. And now, a fascinating study has uncovered how even something as taking a simple shower can make a big difference, especially when you're staying at a place such as SLEEP'N.


Some years ago, a study was conducted at the University of Surey where we participated as hosts to test out the experiment. It investigated how a timer could reduce the duration of a shower. This research, highlighted in The Conversation, revealed that knowing the shower length can significantly influence the behavior of tourists. It aims to encourage them towards adopting more sustainable practices.

So how exactly does a stay at SLEEP'N contribute to the fight against water waste?

Firstly, SLEEP'N is committed with sustainability in all aspects of its operation. From energy efficiency to water conservation. Every detail is taken care of to minimice environmental impact. Shower timers are one of the many ways we encourage responsible water consumption amongst our guests.

Every short shower, every drop saved, is a small step forward in the fight against water waste.


Besides this temporary experiment, when you stay at SLEEP'N, you become immersed in a genuine culture based on environmental awareness. We implemented several actions in our rooms, such as changing towels every 3 days, using water efficiently and reusing detergents. These all aim to promote sustainability in all of our operations. As a result, we have reduced our water footprint, achieving a 35% saving in comparison to the industry as a whole (data provided by Ecostar).

Human element is fundamental to making real change happen. We are proud to be the first B Corp accommodation in Spain and the second in Europe. This is proof of our commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, with transparency and corporate responsibility. This achievement is the result of our constant pursuit for improvement and our firm commitment to the finest standards. This journey is made easier thanks to the support of our suppliers, employees and customers. They are the main factors into helping us achieve our goals.

So next time you plan your vacations, stay at SLEEP'N. As it is not only just a place to relax, but one to change the world.
Always with one goal in mind: the dream of being the best accommodation FOR the world.